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Taking the Message of the Cross to the World......

Michael Mason~ Evangelist, Author, Song Writer & Singer


He is married to the lovely Dawn.  Together they have five children and six grandchildren.  They feel that God has called them to share the Gospel of Christ and the message of Hope to a lost and hurting world. The merging of their lives and families is a beautiful picture of God's grace.  Dawn's calling is to minister to women.  His calling is to preach the Gospel wherever God opens the door.  They are humbled and blessed to be used by the Lord.

Michael became a Christian in May of 1982.  After a year of running from God he yielded his life to Him.  There were immediate changes.  He was a new creature in Christ. Four months later he publicly surrendered to God's call on his life.  He has been honored to preach the Gospel of Christ now for over thirty-seven years.  He has been blessed.  He has pastored three churches for a total of thirteen years... and served as a traveling evangelist for all the remaining years of his ministry.

He is a graduate of Brewer High School, Athens University (BS), New Orleans Baptist Theoligical Seminary (MDIV) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (DMIN).  He has written three books, TRUE...Love, Loyalty, and Lordship, One Hope...Believing God When There's Every Reason To Give Up, and Deep Dark Holes...The Truth About Traps, Trouble, and Temptation. 

He has a passion to preach the Gospel of see lives changed by the power of the message...and to see the lost saved.  He is honored and humbled to have the opportunity to do what he loves.


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