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Hope. It’s the one thing everyone wants and few actually have. We’ve all met people who have no hope. Many of them were sitting in churches, pretending all was well. What a sad condition! Hopeless. Empty. Heart-hurt. Bruised. They’ve given up on ever being hopeful again. For some, the cancer is back. For others, the marriage is ending. For another, the prodigal child won’t come home. Some are still struggling with an addiction. Some are battling depression. Some live in homes with the doors closed and blinds pulled. They live life in isolation. Such is the world in which we live. Much of society has withdrawn to relationships that exist only on a computer screen. We fill our mind with what we read and see in the world and resign ourselves to hopeless lives, hopeless relationships, hopeless religion, and a hopeless future. We don’t talk honestly about our need for hope – that would mean admitting we’re feeling hopeless. So we smile when we’d rather cry. We laugh to cover the hurt. We continue the charade that all is well, when in reality, we dread the sunrise of another day.

The question that begs to be answered is, “Is there any hope?”

In this book, author and evangelist Michael Mason draws from the story of Lazarus to show the hope that is available through Jesus, then gives eight devotional ideas for keeping hope alive.

One Hope: Believing God when there's every reason to give up . . .

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